We never get enough of Rod Stewart

As if 940 AM couldn’t get more pathetic, I give you the new AM 940 non-News website. Almost makes you want to cry.

Official “launch” of the new, crappy station is scheduled for July 1.

Meanwhile, I should mention there have been rather large, visible ads for CBC Radio One and CJAD in the Gazette suggesting that people listen to them for news and information. Hint, hint.

UPDATE (June 18): Mike Boone today has a hilariously scathing review of 940’s new format:

The Mozart Requiem was composed in 1791. But its sombre, funereal tones would be perfect for a radio format that will be DOA.

2 thoughts on “We never get enough of Rod Stewart

  1. Fred Arshoff

    I sent Chris an email about no news at the top and bottom of the hours on Sunday and again today and still no reply. I won’t listen to a radio station without a newscast. He hasn’t replied to my emails.

    Also Joe Cannon was hired already by CJAD Mon through friday 9-30AM plus the round tablke discussion they have.

  2. Bernice Karmazenuk

    L was a regular listener up till this week since you have begun having all music radio I will not listen anymore. I was a 24/7 listener since our famous Ice Storm.
    At least give us hourly and half hour News. then maybe I will tune un again


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