7 thoughts on “We will not believe you

  1. Jill Murray

    I’m going to start a security company that has no “ties” to any government organization in need of my services. My clients will all be organizations that don’t want what I’m selling. Oh wait…

  2. Eric

    I meant to keep these fruitcakes out. This is why I laugh when I hear people complain about lack of public consultation… The public is crazy, who wants to consult with them/us.

  3. Dupuis

    I was at city hall that night and there was plenty of security, but this guy wsn’t the least of their worries. Before he spoke the police had already escorted out a lady who was screaming at the top of her lungs after yelling at the counsellors for not letting her speak (they turned off her mic after a few minutes). This guy was at least entertaining. That’s democracy.

  4. Leon

    Research that security company and the failure of their equipment to
    record on the day of the London bombings (7/7).
    Plus Dauphin sure looked guilty of something – even if it was just a bribe,
    or hookers during consultation, and not complicity in something more
    Personally, I commend the speaker’s prescience and courage – be
    thankful – you just never know – he may have saved Mont-Royal station
    and surrounding environs.


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