MP3 isn’t good enough for Corus

Corus stations in Montreal, including 940 Hits and Q92, have started streaming online feeds from their stations in Dolby AAC format, judging that 128kbps MP3 is just too lossy for the picky tastes of their listeners.

Listeners won’t notice any difference at all, since the streaming is done through a flash player and only the most insanely picky of audiophiles will think high-quality MP3 is too lossy. And those people won’t be listening to the crap music that comes out of 940 or Q92.

3 thoughts on “MP3 isn’t good enough for Corus

  1. Justin

    As I understand, streaming in AAC is royalty-free, but streaming in MP3 does not. So in addition to being a more advanced codec with better compression and fidelity, it’s cheaper. So why are we complaining?


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