Welcome Canadians

Quebec is tolerant. Crack Journal de Montréal undercover investigative reporter Noée Murchison found that out by not being assaulted at St. Jean Baptiste in a red t-shirt with a maple leaf on it, speaking English like a tourist.

You’ll remember Noée from previous hard-hitting exposés like how bus drivers don’t check transfers and how anglos can get jobs too during a busy shopping season.

Incidentally, if you’re doing undercover reporting for the biggest-distribution newspaper in the province, is it such a good idea to always have your picture in the paper? Aren’t people going to catch on eventually?

12 thoughts on “Welcome Canadians

  1. dan

    i propose a reverse experiment: send an undercover reporter donned in a fleur-de-lys t-shirt to the calgary stampede and start asking people in french what all the fuss is about. something tells me they wouldn’t be as accomodating.

  2. homer

    What exactly tells you it won’t be accommodating? Your obviously biased view of “western Canada”?

  3. shawn

    Well, something tells ME I wouldn’t fair as well as Ms Murchison at the Fete Saint Jean, if similarly attired. And I felt the same way about her first big expose, when she was offered a job by some businesses while claiming no knowledge of English.

    She’s reasonably attractive, I suppose. And young. And petite. I think that skews the results.

    I have a feeling I would have gotten my ass kicked.

  4. Corinthian Rick

    The more accurate headline for all her stunt stories should be the same : Hot Young Girls Get Favorable Treatment.

  5. angry quebecois

    Even in Quebec, speaking french can result in act of hostility. Many anglophones and especially anglicized immigrants can react very negatively if you speak in french to them.

    I am talking from experiences here.

  6. Tim

    @angry: I can’t deny what experiences you’ve had, but I believe that the “many” you have encountered don’t a significant proportion of the population. They’re out there, making life harder for the rest of us, but they are in the minority.

  7. Charlene

    dan, nobody would care because the only people at the Calgary Stampede parade are tourists, small children (and their parents, who are too harried to even notice someone else’s shirt), and cops.

    But hey, don’t let that stop your factually-deprived West-bashing.

  8. Saraline

    Were all of the people that she talked to old people like the people in the picture? Maybe I’m an ageist, but I think that the elderly are less likely to beat up English speaking tourists than young people are.


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