The NDP has apparently chosen its candidate for its next most likely by-election pickup in Quebec: the downtown riding of Westmount-Ville-Marie. No, it’s not the guy in the above video (though he sounds like he’d be awesome), it’s CBC Radio Noon host Anne Lagacé Dowson:

(Note: May not be exactly as pictured)

I worked with Anne during my very brief stint at CBC Radio. Considering how incompetent I was, she seemed like a pretty nice person. The fact that she’s running for office under the NDP banner is hardly surprising (though I doubt she and Jack Layton agree on every issue)

Now the NDP seems to think that after their stunning win in Outremont, getting a broadcast journalist on board is the magic ticket to a second win in Quebec.

Unfortunately, it’s no guarantee. Just look at Peter Kent, former Global National anchor who lost for the Conservatives in Toronto (he’s trying his luck again in a much more affluent York riding). And he was at least on TV. (Get Mutsumi Takahashi or Nancy Wood to run and we’ll talk)

Even worse, her opponent is another star candidate (albeit another failed one), former astronaut Marc Garneau.

The riding, which mainly covers Westmount and western downtown (plus a bit of eastern NDG) could be hard to predict, with a mix of rich anglo Westmounters and poor hippie Concordia students. But the federal riding covering Westmount has been Liberal since 1962, and that’s a lot of history to overcome for a party that hasn’t done better than third with 15% of the vote.

Due to a conflict of interest, Lagacé Dowson has taken a leave of absence from CBC Radio, and the latter immediately scrubbed all mention of her from its website.

UPDATE (July 7): It’s “confirmed” apparently (as if there was doubt). Lagacé Dowson is, as usual, humble:

“I am not falling on my sword in Westmount,” she told a handful of supporters. “This liberal tradition isn’t serving us very well, and we don’t like what the Conservatives are doing to us. I am not running to make a good showing; I am running to win. If Barack Obama against all odds can capture the leadership of the Democratic party in the United States, who says a woman can’t capture the hearts and minds of Westmount for the NDP?”

I’m not quite sure how this relates to Barack Obama, nor being a woman (especially since the riding’s former MP, Lucienne Robillard, has two X chromosomes last time I checked), but don’t let that interfere with the historicness.

Meanwhile, the other parties have filled out their candidates. Just to show how confident the Bloc Québécois is at winning a seat in Westmount, they’ve nominated Charles Larivée, who according to Google is the president of the McGill Political Science Students Association.

8 thoughts on “ALD for NDP

  1. Craig

    They said that Outremont was a ‘fortress,’ so we’ll see.

    In fact the riding is only about 1/3 Westmount in size and represents even less in terms of the number of electors. It could be another shocker.

  2. Marc

    It’s very easy to predict. They may as well just crown Garneau as the winner. He doesn’t even need signs or a campaign. The Liberals will win by a landslide regardless of who they run. Not that I think Garneau has any business being an MP, but I digress.

  3. Shawn

    Question: does giving Garneau Westmount mark an admission on Dion’s part that he erred in pushing Garneau aside in Outremont? Like Marc, I don’t have terribly high hopes for Garneau, but is that what’s going on here?

  4. Matt

    Bear in mind that that “bit of NDG” is quite large, running from the Westmount limit as far as Hingston, so about 18 densely packed blocks thick including substantial pockets of NDP support. WVM was the NDP’s third-best riding in 2006, after Outremont and Laurier–Sainte-Marie.

  5. Jacob Pandora

    Perhaps a bit premature: “Due to a conflict of interest, Lagacé Dowson has taken a leave of absence from CBC Radio, and the latter immediately scrubbed all mention of her from its website.”

    Go to and search for her, she’s still alive on cybercee.

    But more importantly, you sound like you are imposing censorship on the Green Party. You know, those Gore-y people.

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