The bagpiping that never ends

So there’s this guy outside our office at Peel and Ste. Catherine who plays the bagpipes. He’ll stand there for hours on end and play and play. Tourists and others will pass by and find this cute and throw him a few coins.

But for those of us who work on the north side of the building, it can get rather irritating when we’re trying to work. This, despite the fact that we’re on the third floor and the windows don’t open.

So what do we do to take our revenge on this menace to our daily concentration?

Apparently, we write a feature story about him. And record a video.

Why are we enabling him?

2 thoughts on “The bagpiping that never ends

  1. Portland Piper

    As a bagpiper myself, I cannot help but agree with you. Unless, I am openly invited to play somewhere in public, I tend to keep my music private. Just don’t ask him to play “Star Wars” or “Happy Birthday”. It will sound like crap.


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