Does it fly to the Klingon homeworld?

Spot the error in this marketing video for airlines about Kronos employee management systems, produced by Montreal-based marketing firm Definite Image.

UPDATE: As usual, my minions are nothing if not sleuths:

These images were rather obviously taken at Central Station, which is a train station and not an airport. (Notice the very recognizable schedule board at the top – which doesn’t list delays or cancellations, forcing them to superimpose actual flight schedule information – and the rather visual level crossing sign in the bottom one).

8 thoughts on “Does it fly to the Klingon homeworld?

  1. Tim


    Mind you, at my job, we use a similar service offered by AmEx, and I’ve used it to buy VIA train tickets to Toronto, as well as flights… But they’ve spent the entire video talking about flights.

  2. mare

    Apart from the wrong aspect ratio of the video, I spotted a coffee cup from Java-U, which as far as I know doesn’t get served when you are actually *in* the air.

  3. DAVE ID

    LOL Nice work! I didn’t recognize Central Station but I did see the railway sign and found it was strange.

    I guess Steve would have gotten my IT’S DEAD JIM note I left on a computer… no one here gets it. They all wonder who Jim is :(

  4. Tim

    Qo’noS… isn’t that somewhere past Repentigny? Probably a stop along that new Train de l’Est they’re building.

    Well, I think I’ve demonstrated my dorkiness… Qapla’! jol yIchu’! (beams away)

  5. Grant

    Me got to airport to getting train what go bus for plane. LOL

    Me LOL many plane for bus train LOL. Me give money for coffee cup to go drinking not there LOL.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, amazing to find our video being spotted by Fagstein, great stuff guys….just a little insight on the whole FAKE thing, we had no choice but to FAKE it because we lost all of our permits to shoot at Dorval that day, because of the Terrorist Plot to hijack some planes from England (it happend the same day) so we had to do a quickie run to the train station, and we did not get a permit there as well……you can just imagine what happend next.

    I hope the next time we will be on the Good side of the story, however, please post my comments, as I think it is important for readers to know the true story behind this post.

    All the best guys,

    Itsik Romano

    Definite Image Productions Inc.


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