Razer to become MTV2

Starting Aug. 1, CTV is “rebranding” its Razer specialty channel (which had the occasional Buffy episode, but little else of interest to anyone over 12) to MTV2, which I can only imagine will make it suck more.

The move completes the transition of the specialty network from a youth-oriented TV network to a youth-oriented music TV channel in the same family as MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic etc.

7 thoughts on “Razer to become MTV2

  1. Karine

    Well I’m happy. I liked MTV2 because it’s all video and I was P-Oed when it was turned into a crappy MuchMusic all request station.

  2. ken

    Didn’t Razer begin its life as “MTV Canada”, when Craig owned a piece of it, but CTV didn’t? Then the vagaries of media ownership in Canada forced a name change… but now things are coming full circle.

  3. JF Prieur

    When I lived in Europe, MTV2 UK was fantastic, playing 90% music videos and had BBC’s (may be somewhere else now) Zane Low as VJ who really played good music. If it is anything like that, I would be happy.


    Man That Sux!!! I use to watch all the anime on fridays on there, during the week there was never anything on, but when the weekend came the anime was great!

  5. Miss Sayu

    Thats lame!!!!! I miss the Kamikaze saturdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MTV2 WE ALREADY GOT AN MTV WE DONT NEED A SECOND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUTV2 SUCKS!!!!!

    IM AN ANTI-MTV2!!!! ARE U????


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