Gazette live-blogging Impact game

The Gazette is trying something new tonight, live-blogging the Impact vs. Toronto FC game at Saputo Stadium BMO Field in Toronto. The copy is a bit dirty (note to marketing dept.: “Pat Hickey RAW”), but at least you get the news of what’s going on.

La Presse is doing similarly with blogger Pascal Milano, as is Radio-Canada, with at least a half-time report from each.

Unless I’ve missed something, Le Devoir, Quebecor’s Canoe portal, CTV Sports and even the sports networks (,, have nothing on how this game is going.

The Impact is the unpopular little brother of the Alouettes and Canadiens, and the media tends to half-ass coverage of the team (in most cases, only covering home games so they don’t have to spring for airfare). Since this is a non-league game, it’s not on TV. RDS and TSN have Rogers Cup tennis, and CBC/Radio-Canada have regular non-sports programming. Fortunately, though, has a free live broadcast of the game online.

UPDATE: 1-1 draw gives a victory in the CONCACAF Canadian championships to the Montreal Impact. SUCK IT, TORONTO!

Rad-Can and Milano win the race for breaking news, having the result up within minutes (seconds?) of the game ending.

CBC Television is also replaying the game at midnight.

5 thoughts on “Gazette live-blogging Impact game

  1. Jasmin

    This is a very good idea. I believe the impact website had something like this live events blog. But this is a good idea. Perhaps this will lead to a better media situation for the impact.

    Regarding the unpopular little brother comment. Really? The impact had won twice the USL cup and had twice a parade held on st-catherine. They have 2 fan-based websites and if security were more open-minded, we’d have an ambiance more like what they have in Toronto with the ultras of montreal. Just google their forums to nderstand what I mean.

    Well, I am looking forward to buying my tickets for that match against Real Esteli FC…

  2. Fagstein Post author

    It’s not that the Impact is unpopular, it’s that they’re not as popular as the Habs and Als, at least as far as the media is concerned. It’s still the city’s third-biggest sporting team.

  3. Daniel

    The Impact IS the little brother (or as some TFC fans said in a banner: the retarded little brother).

    I’m a diehard Impact fan and was extremely dissapointed at the lack of live TV (on a “real” channel) that this final received. Luckily, I was at the stadium!

    The media need to step up and start treating this team like what it is: a professional sports team. Then again, I think the front office needs to start doing the same thing and stop making it so much of a forced family event. Get some soccer fans at the games! Most of the people at any given game at SS come on discounted tickets for their once-a-year visit with the kids’ soccer club. for information on the Ultras Montréal supporters group (section 114)


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