The Next Great Montreal Festival

The Suburban’s Mike Cohen has some suggestions for new summer festivals in Montreal (as if we don’t have enough already), including a poutine festival and a smoked meat festival.

I think we should have a festival where underage teen girls dress sluttily, get super drunk on Crescent Street and have to be carried home while throwing up everywhere. I mean, we have that anyway, why not make it official?

4 thoughts on “The Next Great Montreal Festival

  1. Denis Canuel

    A poutine festival would be nice as I haven’t had an excellent poutine on the island of Montreal so far. I’m an outsider so i’m biased. Most of them use cheeze that is too old (no squicky sound) or some strange brown sauce made from a powder. When my foreign friends visit Montreal and want to try poutine, I don’t even know where to take them.

  2. JF Prieur

    La Banquise is all you need to know. An I heartily endorse the officialisation of the Crescent Jailbait Street Scene Festival

  3. homer

    How about the “lets-all-watch-some-free-show-about-while-smoking-weed-ten-feet-from-the-police Festival”. Oh no, wait. It’s called the Jazz Fest.

    I don’t know about you guys, but this summer the city just went too far. Shutting down st-catherine in the Village, leaving the stage up all year, francofolies shutting down more streets than ever..

    Why can’t all these festivals just happen at Jean Drapeau.. it’s the cost to cleanup the mess from each of these events has gotta be huge. I am encouraged by the “Cartier Des Spectacles though. That’s one of the better ideas the city has had in recent years… that will probably help things alot…

    Ugh, sorry for the rant, just really frustrated with the city this summer..

  4. Fagstein Post author

    Well, Jean Drapeau Park is being used for a lot of other festivals and events during the summer. NASCAR, Formula One, Osheaga, etc. You couldn’t possibly contain everything in one park.

    As for cleanup, wouldn’t it be the same at Jean Drapeau than it would be on Ste. Catherine St.?


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