“Nuked the fridge”? Please

There are plenty of expressions in the English language whose origins are unknown to younger generations. Knowing their etymology isn’t really important, after all, so long as everyone understands the usage.

So why do people feel necessary to replace “jumped the shark,” which references a Happy Days episode that people believe is an example of a TV series going past the point when writers have any original ideas consistent with the show’s original concept, with another term that means the exact same thing?

Or perhaps, like everyone else, the New York Times is struggling to find summer filler material for its newspaper.

2 thoughts on ““Nuked the fridge”? Please

  1. Lee

    Wow, how is this post? That movie came out 2 months ago! Jumped the shark is an outdated expression anyway.

  2. DAVE ID

    Jump the Shark. Tried and tested. Everyone knows what it means. Everyone who was there back then has seen the episode.

    Nuke the Fridge. Well how many people saw that debacle of a movie? Does it have staying power? I dunno


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