Great Scot

I make fun of media mistakes, so I guess it’s fair play that I point out one of my own.

Last week, while putting together sports pages for Sunday, I selected a nice photo of Rafael Nadal throwing a wristband into the crowd at the Rogers Cup in Toronto as the cover art. He had just reached the men’s singles final (a match he would, of course, win) by defeating another player.

In the caption below the photo, there was a reference to that player being from the U.K., so I changed “U.K.” to “England” to fit the paper’s style guide.

Unfortunately, that player was Andy Murray, who I would learn from a few sources (including a particularly offended coworker) is Scottish, not English.

It’s bad enough when you learn you’ve made a mistake. Worse when it results in a correction, and horrifying when it results in an editor’s note. But when you have to read a letter to the editor correcting one of your mistakes, that hurts.

I will, of course, be posting a letter of formal apology to Scotland’s president at 10 Downing Street in Belfast post-haste.

UPDATE (Aug. 4): My attempt at penance as a headline-writer.

3 thoughts on “Great Scot

  1. Jill

    Tsk, tsk, Steve. The word to use according to Joe the style guru is “Britain.” But, you probably know that now, yes?



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