Killer cops

Thank you, No One is Illegal Montreal, for setting the record straight on the shooting of Fredy Villanueva. It wasn’t an accident, nor the actions of a frightened police officer with inadequate training. It was obviously the expression of the “killer cop’s” blood lust for murdering brown people in cold blood.

Oh, and the riot was justified and rioters aren’t criminals.

“No justice, no peace” indeed. (Doesn’t that just mean “wage war until you get what you think you deserve?”)

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  1. BruB

    I still wonder what would have happen in other circumstances;
    Our case; White cop, Hispanic kid.

    but what if…
    White cop, White Kid?
    Black cop, white kid?
    Hispanic cop, hispanic Kid?
    Chinese cop, black kid?
    French cop, english kid?
    If kids would have kick cop’s butt? than being shot.
    If it would have happen in Verdun, Lasalle or Pierrefonds?

    The other thing that come to mind is, yes the cops were without experience and I beleive he(she) got trigger nervous BUT…..
    The kid wasn’t an angel like you are hearing everywhere by the family or the community, there was a reason the cop pulled the trigger and it seems people don’t understand this. HE WASN’T A FUCKIN’ ANGEL. the cop got afraid of something. You aren’t talking 1 shot by mistake in a young “angel”, your talking three slugs in the young boy, He must have done something.

    FYI. My wife is Hispanic (ecuador) from Montreal North, now living downtown, her family his not rioting, they are asking the same question as me….what if?

  2. Eric

    What if he wasn’t hanging around with a bunch of friends including his career criminal brother who has a been arrested before in a car full of guns and known gang members?

    What if his brother didn’t start resisting arrest?

    Is this the same moron brother who is crying all over TV about how the cops shot his brother and not about how he got his brother shot?

    Aren’t the riots justification of the the cops actions?

    Since the police are dealing with the kind of people who steal propane tanks and use them as bombs maybe they should shoot first and ask questions later?

    The cop that was shot, was this during the arrest or during the riot? We don’t have all the facts but we have enough to know the cops had good reason to be afraid.

  3. Anon Imous

    Here is what I had to say on that COBP/COPB piece. First, my abbreviated comment on the English version:

    I left a more elaborate comment on the French version of your “communiqué”. Let me just make the point here that by committing theft, destroying private and public property, and gratuitously assaulting public servants (such as bus drivers) who have no law enforcement role, those rioters (if they truly ARE area residents) are effectively “cutting off their nose to spite their face”.

    This is just about the best illustration of the ironic observation that the IQ of a crowd is inversely proportional to the number of people in it.

    And you DARE to defend their actions, and possibly even GLORIFY them?

    I call you on your bad faith.


    And here is the longer comment I made on the French version of the same:

    Cher “COBP”…

    Je ne contredirai pas vos demandes pour plus de transparence dans le suivi de l’émeute de dimanche. Je reconnais volontiers que les autorités et les “forces de l’ordre public” semblent vouloir contrôler la suite des événements avec un grave manque de transparence. Cependant, je les excuse partiellement quand je vois des individus et groupements hystériques (vous vous reconnaîtrez….) tenter d’abuser de la situation pour mousser leur propres agendas…

    N’oublions pas que selon VOTRE propre choix de terme, il s’agissait quand même d’une ÉMEUTE, bon sang de bonsoir, et non pas d’une inoffensive “manifestation”. Et quand vous écrivez “Les personnes qui ont participé au soulèvement de dimanche n’étaient pas issues des gangs de rues et n’étaient pas non plus des criminels”, et plus loin “Elles étaient résidentes du quartier ou des environs”, vous mettez le doigt sur la faille gigantesque dans votre argumentation:

    Si les émeutiers avaient été issus de l’extérieur de Montréal-Nord, les résidants auraient été justifiés de les traiter de vandales, de criminels, de voleurs, etc… Mais vous AFFIRMEZ que ce sont des gens de ce quartier MÊME qui ont commis des vols, du vandalisme sur la propriété privée (commerces) et publique (caserne de pompiers), et des actes de violences contre des employés publics n’ayant ABSOLUMENT RIEN à voir avec les “forces de l’ordre” (par exemple les conducteurs d’autobus). Autrement dit, ils se sont collectivement tiré une balle dans le pied; ils ont SABOTÉ leur propre environnement; ils ont souillé leur nid.

    En anglais (pour ceux qui comprendront), on a une bien meilleure expression pour représenter ce comportement auto-destructeur: “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”. Franchement, j’ai rarement vu une meilleure illustration de l’observation ironique qui dit que le quotient intellectuel d’une foule est inversement proportionnel au nombre de personnes qui la constituent.

    Et vous OSEZ les défendre, que dis-je, les GLORIFIER???!!!

    Je dis que vous êtes d’une parfaite mauvaise foi.

  4. DAVE ID

    Well I can’t find the reference but in NY city there have been many instances of black police officers being shot by white police officers. But never one instance of a black police officer shooting a white police officer. I think blood lust may be exaggerating but there’s obviously a problem in police forces.

  5. Christopher

    If you assault a police officer, you are just ASKING for trouble.

    If you outnumber the cops and surround them and assault them together in a situation where you’ve backed them into a corner… well no shit somebody got shot. They have the power, they have the guns, it’s always a safe bet to do what they say. It’s just common sense.

  6. T

    The thing is police officers are supposed to diffuse situations before they start, thats kind of the biggest part of the job. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen or read of a (montreal) cop’s first move being violence or screaming (the baton attack on the women’s day parade comes to mind). I’m a white anglophone and I had a baton pulled on me for walking in an alley at noon, can you imagine what its like to be black and in MN doing anything? The cops here have a legacy of misuse of deadly force and gross violence, yeah the kid may not have “been an angel” but to advocate (by insinuation mind you) the shooting of known deliquents is lunacy. As is the attitude that somehow police authority should meet no challenge legal or physical.

  7. DAVE ID

    Yes Christopher always bow to the ones with the guns. What would the world look like if that logic had been followed through history. Police are guardians of the peace. When they harras entire communities and do so regularly, they fail and get this reaction because they had it coming. Human nature such as it is.

  8. Bob


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