4 thoughts on “OMGsclusives on Fredy

  1. JF Prieur

    IF the woman cop is beaten badly, then that makes me even more pissed off that these muppets acted the way they did, and the whole “victim” reaction from everyone involved. Not saying that most of the people living in that area (and others) have it easy, but it would be time to look in the mirror as well. Not everything is the cops’ fault, they are being asked to play social worker, parent, mentor and authority all at once. Its time the government put its pants on.

  2. Dupuis

    I know this is a big story, but there’s also a story out in Kahnawake about possible police misconduct. A 15 year-old kid was struck and killed on July 30th by a car that failed to stop for the Rousillon police, who chased the speeding car onto the reserve. Today it was announced that there will be an investigation into the cops conducts since eyewitnesses say she fled the scene of the accident. She also apparently didn’t follow proper procedure when going onto the reserve. The French media barely touched this story. It was only when the Gazette published a front page story (Jeff Heinrich’s) about a memorial march and the issue of cars speeding onto the reserve to get away from cops, that La Presse had even heard about it. Now that Fredy’s been shot, Tylor Glasgow’s death isn’t getting much play.

  3. Shawn

    Like JF I was pretty sicked by how these guys were beating a young female officer. This is what caused the other officer to fire, apparently. The investigation is still ongoing, of course.

  4. Fredy Villanueva

    My nombre es fredy villanueva , soy Chileno y vivo en Argentina, y que esta madre que perdio su hijo, se le conceda el cumplimiento de justicia y le doy mi pesame a ella y sus hijos por la muerte de mi tocallo suerte ?


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