We need to rid our city of driver-side bus mirrors

After recent injuries to pedestrians due to rear-view mirrors on STM buses, some are asking why these predatory reflective objects are allowed to keep recklessly and deliberately attacking poor bystanders whose only crime was standing less than four inches from the driver’s side of a moving bus.

The STM has refused to retrofit their buses in order to remove these threats to our (taller) children, even after discovering that people can get hit with them.

This is about safety. The ability of a bus driver to look at himself or look back at roads he’s already driven through should not get in the way of keeping our streets safe for pedestrians.

We must not rest until our buses are mirror-free.

14 thoughts on “We need to rid our city of driver-side bus mirrors

  1. Alex Thorne

    But, young man, wake up! The marvelous invention replacing both judgement AND the fine art of rear-vision in a single stroke of mastery has already been ruining the tranquility of suburban backyards, rich and poor, since the early Sixties. It’s known as the backup horn. After any snowfall, as astrophysicists will confirm, it’s is the only message of terrestrian origin that can be heard across the Galaxy. The consumate idiot, –most probably a civil servant–, who gave birth to this (mmmmph!) invention should have been accidentally dropped from a flying helicopter straight into the blades of another chopper flying below. In fact, this most subtle mirror substitute generates the only objectionable noise in any city… It even inspired Ludwig van Beethoven his Bagatelle in A minor WoO 59 aka “Für Elise” Now behave.


  2. Fagstein Post author

    Keep in mind folks, we’re talking about driver’s side mirrors. I can understand getting hit on the passenger side, but if you’re right next to the driver’s window of a moving bus, you’re clearly somewhere you’re not supposed to be.

  3. Christopher

    A friend of mine got hit by those mirrors twice… I always stand a little bit away from the busses but you’re not always prepared for the KILLER MIRRORS OF DOOM, LOL.

  4. Patrick Lagacé

    I would like to greet Alex Thorne, who’s back on the blogpsphere, after a mysterious hiatus. Alex : GREETINGS !

  5. Alex Thorne

    Should I blush or just flush after surviving the friendly crush of a red carpet welcome? That’s what hiatuses are all about, aren’t they?
    Mirror Mirror on the morning bus, why all the fuss?

  6. Caroline Rodgers

    J’espère que vous blaguez. Comment pouvez-vous imaginer que l’autobus change de voie ou tourne a gauche sans voir ce qu’il y a a coté?

  7. Mark Dixon

    There may be a problem with the mirrors but I think it is mostly due to the incompetent bus drivers. I was walking along a sidewalk last month (ON the sidewalk) and the bus pass so close to the curb that I had to move my head or get hit.


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