Fuck you too, Gilles Proulx

In case you missed it, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has given a slap on the wrist to radio host Gilles Proulx and 98.5FM, after Proulx said “fuck you” (not “phoque you“) repeatedly in reference to Montreal firefighters.

The full decision is available here. The radio station, as punishment, must read a statement over the air a couple of times. Oooh, scary.

The fact that Proulx expressed himself using an anglophone swear word is perhaps more interesting than anything else in this story.

4 thoughts on “Fuck you too, Gilles Proulx

  1. BruB

    Worst piece of radio host Quebec ever had. The worst part is, he was on the air for 48 years.
    but the fact is, he’s off the air, retired and god damn the airwaves are a better place for it.

    Vive la radio libre !

  2. Anon

    BruB, I don’t know if Gilles Proulx was the worst radio host Quebec ever had, but he was definitely the most entertaining, and certainly one of the most knowledgeable. Why do you hate the guy?


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