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  1. Chad

    Actually, I think this commenter needs to take a second look at not only the English Dictionary, but also at the links provided by Earthchef. There are clearly exclusive items being sold at each HBC outlet:

    The Bay sells the “Professional” and “Acadian” series; Zellers sells the everyday and “Boreal” series; Home Outfitters sells a very limited number of items from Earthchef.

    A word to the wise: Check your sources thoroughly before making any assumptions, otherwise you may end up making an a$$ of yourself.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    The same 11-inch skillet is on sale at all three outlets. That’s not “exclusive”. They’re selling the same items. Whether their stocks are slightly different is immaterial, just like a journalist getting slightly different information from another isn’t entitled to call a story exclusive.

    “Shop for Earthchef products exclusively at” means “Earthchef products are on sale exclusively at”, which is not the case here.

    Playing with semantics to make something mean the opposite of what it says is why people don’t trust advertising.

  3. Anonymous

    Typical how narrow minded people fail to grasp the concept of the bigger picture. The reason for all three outlets selling the same 11-inch skillet is stated as follows:

    “With the purchase of the Earthchef 11” Tree Canada skillet, BergHOFF will sponsor Tree Canada to plant a tree in Canada, and ensure its survival over 5 years. Planting trees counters our CO2 footprint, making it a more breathable Canada. BergHOFF is a platinum sponsor of Tree Canada.”

    The comparison of journalism is that of apples to oranges, it just doesn’t add up. The Bay has always been a high end outlet, thus the higher prices. Zellers, on the other hand, is for the average Joe Canadian looking for a deal. Home Outfitters is more for home decor than it is for useful household items.


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