Great minds

From my Google Reader feed

From my Google Reader feed

The video in question, whose short version has gone uberviral, is a bit less about language and a bit more about left vs. right, but it still paints the Conservatives with a big caricature brush that I think will be dismissed as unrealistic, just as the language confusion is being dismissed, since the Conservative heritage minister is a francophone from Quebec City.

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  1. Shawn

    Chantal Hebert and others have critiqued the video for similar reasons. However, judging by the recent poll swing in Quebec, I suspect this sentiment HAS found traction.

    Verner may be francophone, but she’s not been a major player. I believe many Quebecers suspect that the real power on cultural issues resides not with their minister, but with the PMO. Correct or not, it’s a perception that has legs and the BQ are playing it for all its worth.

    Today’s democratic space prediction has the Conservatives down to a mere 11 seats in Quebec. Pretty astonishing.


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