CTV’s new Hockey Theme

CTV has released its re-recording (with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra) of the Hockey Theme (i.e. the ex-Hockey Night in Canada theme), which will be used on RDS and TSN hockey telecasts starting Oct. 10 and Oct. 14, respectively.

Here it is (MP3). TSN also has a story with video about the new theme.

Perhaps I should wait until it actually goes on air, or maybe it’s just my computer, but it sounds like elevator music compared to the rough-and-tumble CBC version.

The press release, which says it “revisits the original 1968 version” also gives plenty of praise for how awesome they think it is:

We’ve taken great pride in blending the heritage of the song with the best digital technology available, creating a stunning rendition sure to resonate with hockey fans across the country.

Colour me unimpressed.

15 thoughts on “CTV’s new Hockey Theme

  1. Guillaume Theoret

    You’re right. It sounds so… bad. Not hockey at all. It sounds like what a music prof who hates sports would come up with. Way too much musicality and perfection.. maybe if there were less horns or if they weren’t as crystal clear or something. It just sounds too perfect and practiced, not at all like hockey.

  2. Jenny

    sounds like something I would get on my phone, one of those rigntones.
    Far from a sports anthem which should, I think get a fan of any team ready to cheer the game on.

  3. princess iveylocks

    Not all music profs hate sports (since they can hide now from the jocks, behind their pianos…)

    I listened to it twice, and the relaxed tempo is the most distinctive change. Will they be showing clips in slo-mo to start each broadcast? Then it might work. Apart from that, I really like the emphasis on the syncopated second beat — which the previous version blasted through. It’s easier to sing/hum/tap out, and it defiantly lingers in your eardrum.

    Anyway, it’ll more than likely emanate from tinny 13′-inch TV speakers, or be drowned out at the bar, so what matter?

  4. princess iveylocks

    Judging by the pitchers of beer sold… everyone.

    Jenny’s comment echoes my reaction, as well. Awesome ringtone!

  5. Jason67

    The “rock” version most recently used by CBC sounds like it was done in the 80’s… I’m pretty sure it’s not the “original”, like everyone is calling it.

    As a fan of elevator music (I prefer the term “lounge”), I have to say I really love the new big band version.

    But I’m a lounge music fan, not a hockey fan…

  6. iKaye

    I don’t like it. I can’t see hockey players rushing around to this. This sounds like it belongs in the commentators box. Something to use before to spike attention and keep people interested in what the guys got to say, but not while people are playing.


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