Gazette staff start byline strike

You know, everything happens on my day off.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Thursday’s paper was missing names on top of articles written by Gazette reporters (and under photos by Gazette photographers). The union called for a byline strike as a pressure tactic after being frustrated by negotiations.

For those who want some background, Slate explains what byline strikes are all about. The last time Gazette staffers did this was in 2001 to protest a new national editorial policy by Canwest, one that many people have asked me about years later thinking it’s still in effect.

UPDATE: Bylines are also being pulled from Habs Inside/Out.

So you all can just go ahead and assume all the articles are being written by me now. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

5 thoughts on “Gazette staff start byline strike

  1. Dupuis

    I was wondering what the lack of bylines was about. It looks really weird to me, but wonder if people notice that much?

  2. Jill

    Dupuis, I think the article in Slate that Steve refers us to here sums up the whole byline thing very well.

    Thanks for pointing us to that piece, Steve. Interesting . . .


    P.S. Thnk f ll th $$ t b svd f w drp ll th vwls!!

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