That one.

I’m sorry, apparently I forgot during last night’s debate to be offended that John McCain used the words “that one” and pointed to Barack Obama when pointing out something about Obama’s senate record. Apparently it’s a codephrase that everyone but me knows about and is inherently racist.

Remember all those white racists in Alabama chanting “that one” and pointing to MLK? He was clearly trying to appeal to the racist electorate.

Now we need to make this into the issue of the election, because it’s so much more important than those boring things like the economy, tax policy, the environment or foreign policy.

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  1. Fagstein Post author

    They’re in talks tomorrow and Friday. The byline strike continues, as does the work-to-rule campaign, but no strike or lockout has been called for any bargaining unit. Otherwise everything is at a standstill. Plenty of people have theories based on theories, but no facts.

    The only significant development is that the employer has tabled a “final offer” for the advertising unit, which means members will have to vote to accept or reject that contract, and negotiations stop until then.

    As for Editorial and RSS, we’ll see if that changes by the weekend.


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