Was that supposed to be French?

To the public announcer at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto,

You should be fired. Like, immediately.

Or am I being too demanding in suggesting that someone who works as a public announcer at a hockey game should be able to speak both of Canada’s official languages?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that there were bilingual announcements tonight, but that mockery of the langue de Molière brings shame upon a city that you’d think couldn’t look worse in the eyes of the rest of the country.

P.S. For those watching tonight’s Habs/Leafs matchup, Mike Boone has his liveblog at Habs Inside/Out.

2 thoughts on “Was that supposed to be French?

  1. Mario Asselin

    And in the election context, it’s not really good time for «that performance» followed on RDS by french audience. Someone said in Québec this week that «Il y a deux langues officielles à Ottawa, l’anglais et la traduction simultanée», following Stephane Dion vs CTV’s interview suggesting that ROC was severe about Dion’s English compare to the type of french of M. Harper and all his staff can hold. Maybe there was no «instant translation» in Toronto tonight…

    The announcer, at least, should not try to use french…

    Thanks to you, Steve, for blogging this!


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