Tell La Presse what to do

La Presse is running ads in its paper asking readers to become part of an online panel (read: focus group) to take surveys and say what you like and don’t like about the newspaper.

An irony, of course, is that when you enter the registration form (which is huge), you’re greeted with the words “Loading (please wait)”. I guess Research and Analysis of Media, which runs this thing, doesn’t have a French version of its software.

One thought on “Tell La Presse what to do

  1. Tim

    *puts on his pedant’s hat* An irony? Regrettable error, definitely. A linguistic faux-pas, obviously. A political liability, perhaps. But irony? Unless the target audience is separatists and linguistic purists (certainly a portion will be, if we want the survey to be demographically representative, but not the whole lot), I don’t see it.


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