Good luck, Allen

With NDG MNA Russell Copeman’s decision to quit politics and become a lobbyist* VP of government relations for Concordia University, Affiliation Quebec’s Allen Nutik has announced that he’s running in the by-election (or as he calls it, “bye-election”) to succeed Copeman.

Let’s see if he does better than the other anglo rights activist, Howard Galganov, who got pummeled in an election recently, finishing fourth in his riding. (But don’t worry, it’s still a win somehow.)

The chance of a Liberal candidate losing in NDG is laughably remote. Especially when you consider that even ADQ members are lining up behind Charest.

*(I crossed out “lobbyist” above because nobody is using the term. Certainly universities have to liaise with the education department on non-political issues, but the fact that you’ve put a politician in this role would suggest that politics are important. Interestingly, the law that got people questioning Philippe Couillard’s departure from government doesn’t apply to Copeman since he wasn’t in the cabinet. So he’s free to lobby as much as he wants as soon as he leaves office.)

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