(Plural nouns) matter

From Readers Matter (overamplified and distorted sound warning):

A spoof on the Gazette’s “words matter” TV campaign (not the first one either), to get people to pay attention to what’s going on in contract negotiations and sign a petition (now with over 5,000 signatures) put forward by the union. A Facebook cause has also been setup with 343 members.

UPDATE: Another video has just been posted.

Meanwhile, CTV News Montreal covered the Gazette union situation last night during its noon-hour and evening newscasts (Windows Media video). It includes an interview with Bernard Asselin, the VP of marketing and reader sales, who says that pagination is a “technical” job, and so it shouldn’t matter if it’s centralized in another city. He also says that “our goal, which is the same as the union’s, by the way, is to protect local content.”

4 thoughts on “(Plural nouns) matter

  1. Fagstein Post author

    Yeah, and he gets the date of the strike vote wrong (it was September, not June, which was when the contract expired).

    For editorial employees, “work to rule” doesn’t make much difference, since we’ve been working according to the rules since the beginning.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    The previous spoof (which wasn’t union-related or even attacking the Gazette much as I recall) seems to have been removed by its owner. As far as I know it was the only copy.


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