Underground City Scavenger Hunt 2

Alex and Kristin check their lists during February's scavenger hunt

Alex and Kristin check their lists during February's scavenger hunt

After a successful event in February with about 40 in attendance, a second underground city scavenger hunt is being organized next weekend on Facebook and through other channels.

Here’s the details:

Saturday, Nov. 8, 12:30pm at the Central Station food court (which is near the gates for the Deux Montagnes commuter train line). The game starts at 1pm and ends at 3pm at the same place.

No entrance fee, age limitations or secret code words.

What you need to bring:

  • A team of between one and four people
  • A bag (you know, to put all your stuff in)
  • Some money (at most $5), though if you think you can get everything for free go nuts
  • A camera (anything, even a cellphone camera, will suffice)
  • A watch or other time-telling device
  • Comfortable shoes

For those of you who weren’t aware of the previous hunt, you can read my post about it, which includes a full list of the items people were searching for. It’s almost all stuff that’s worthless and can be picked up for free in the underground city. You can also read the piece I did for The Gazette about it.

Robin inspects the goodies

Robin inspects the goodies

For those who were there in February, organizer Robin (that’s her above) has made some tweaks to the rules for this time around, mostly concerning what happens when a team arrives late (which happened a lot last time, causing many items to be disqualified). Also note that the meeting point is different.

There’s no RSVP required, but doing so on Facebook would help with estimating how many people will show up.

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