Gazette freelancer runs for ADQ in Marois riding

Apparently Mark Cardwell, who has been writing freelance articles for The Gazette (and other publications) out of Quebec City, is running for the Action démocratique in the riding of Charlevoix, just northeast of the capital. Charlevoix is currently held by the PQ, by someone named Pauline Marois.

His reason for running:

“To be quite honest, I saw that the ADQ was perilously low in the polls and I don’t want to see that party disappear. I don’t want to go back to the barren landscape of Liberal versus PQ and every provincial election being like a mini referendum.”

That’s a pretty solid endorsement by ADQ standards.

Good luck.

One thought on “Gazette freelancer runs for ADQ in Marois riding

  1. dan

    good for him. hopefully this election will focus more on economic issues rather than the national question. i envy our friends in other provinces who get to have elections focusing on things like health care, education, and other real issues rather than rehashing the same debates that have been going on for the 1960’s. a québécois obama (louis-josé houde is the only person under 50 that comes to mind) is much in order.


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