How to run a campaign (into the ground) 101

PQ supporter: Hey, we’ve got a problem here. The ADQ is taking in the polls and it looks like we might be the official opposition again. We can’t let this happen. Is there some way we can make ourselves look like idiots?

Another PQ supporter: Didn’t we put sovereignty – the very purpose of this party – on the back burner, giving people no reason to vote for us?

Yeah, but it’s not doing enough. Our support is still climbing.

How about if we just started fighting each other?


Liberal supporter: Crud. The PQ’s infighting, the ADQ’s coming apart at the seams, and we’re within majority territory here. What can we do to get people to hate us?

Another Liberal supporter: Promise to raise tuition?

Nah, we tried that last time and it backfired.

Let’s not overthink this. How about if we just tore our competitors’ signs down and replaced them with our own?


3 thoughts on “How to run a campaign (into the ground) 101

  1. Vahan

    Keystone Cops were more brillianter than these dopes, or is that brillianterest. Why oh why do we have such incompetent people in charge of our daily lives. How screwed up are we that this is the cream of our crop? Why are we having this election?

  2. Shawn

    Are there any polls yet about where the 3 parties stand? Can’t believe I’m asking this, having just spent far too much time poring over daily tracking polls in one election or another. Guess I’m hooked.


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