RadCan gives us another pointless Twitter feed

I’m not a fan of Twitter, for a few reasons:

  1. It has artificial limitations, such as the character limit and the inability to include pictures. Rather than being faults, they’re seen as key advantages somehow.
  2. Most of the “tweets” as they call them are not worth your attention. They’re pointless status updates or what should be private conversations with other people
  3. Almost all URLs are in the form of TinyURLs (or its clones), obscuring the final destination.
  4. When big media organizations use Twitter, it simply inputs an RSS feed into a Twitterizer which spews out a headline and TinyURL link. Why not just give people the RSS feed?

RadCan’s latest Twitter feed on the Quebec elections is an example of No. 4. Some of the headlines are even cutoff midsentence. Why bother following that when I can just read their elections RSS feed?

Have I just not been drinking enough of the Twitter Kool-Aid? Do I not spend enough time with my cellphone connected to the Intertubes? What is the point of this?

And if making Twitter accounts out of RSS feeds is useful, why doesn’t Twitter just do this internally?

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