6 thoughts on “Oh Canada

  1. Jennyb

    I have to laugh: Dion had terrible polls, but became his party’s leader. Then he had a terrible campaign, but now, while he’s supposed to be waiting for his party to replace him, he just might become the country’s de facto leader. Our new PM.
    Is this for real? This means that despite everything, he gets what he wants. Again.
    I want to know how he does it, because I’d like to get me a million dollars…

  2. Lee

    How is this lame? This is the most important event to occur in Canadian politics since ’95. The GG actually matters right now. Will it cause people to rethink the GG’s role in our constitutional monarch? Nobody knows what’s going to happen. We could have a coalition gov’t for the first time in our history. How is that lame? This is a huge deal.

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  4. karine

    Oh well, I’ve lived through a couple of Coup d’État’s in Haiti. This will be the first time I’ll get to see one without people getting lynched, burned alive, shot on the streets or being on the wrong side of tear gas…

  5. steve

    How is this perfectly legal (and, as yet, unconsummated) Parliamentary maneuver a coup? Canadians elected a Parliament; Parliament still stands. Heck, more Canadians voted against Harper than for him during an election that Harper himself begged to have, so you can argue that what the Opposition is doing reflects the will of the majority. These are exciting time for Canadian politics.

    Should “prorogue” be Canada’s word of the year?


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