La Presse begins pre-emptive Journal scab watch

Catherine Handfield looks at which freelance columnists will bolt and which will stay on if there’s a labour dispute at the Journal de Montréal. Jacques Demers and Martin Brodeur (who obviously don’t need the money) would be out.

No word on Richard Martineau.

Steve Proulx places odds on those who haven’t declared, and discoveres Chroniques Blondes’ Geneviève Lefebvre also refuses to scab.

Quebecor, meanwhile, accuses the union of intimidating freelancers.

2 thoughts on “La Presse begins pre-emptive Journal scab watch

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  2. annie

    Be interested to see which of our esteemed freelancers, many of them with back pockets full of dough from a buyout, would balk at scabbing.


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