Beware the tow trucks

An army of tow trucks clear out one side of a single block

An army of tow trucks clear out one side of a single block

Leaving work late last night, I noticed an army of tow trucks hooking onto cars parked on Ste. Catherine St. near Peel and hauling them away. The orange snow-clearing signs say no parking between midnight and 4am, so there’s no excuse for being there past 2am when this photo was taken.

Just because there wasn’t any snowfall that day doesn’t mean the guys with the snowplows don’t need the street when they’ve reserved it.

(And what were these people doing parked on the street downtown at 2am on a Monday anyway?)

1 thoughts on “Beware the tow trucks

  1. Beeg

    Good to see the plows out, eh? Although, those orange signs have a habit of showing up a couple of hours late, you know? I was heading out at 7pm the other night… there were a bunch of cars parked on my street and no signs telling them to move (I was on foot). When I returned around 1:15, all the cars were gone, save one, which was being towed, and there was one lonely orange 19-7 no parking sign (on a different block, but same side of the street).

    Now, I don’t object to the city choosing to plow a street without a lot of notice, but it must be frustrating to those drivers who can’t or won’t fight a ticket (is it still $92) they shouldn’t have to pay. Tow the cars, sure (don’t even put them back; they usually wind up on the other side of the street), but don’t scam the public.


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