Blog software upgrade

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7, which has a whole new backend and some new features for comments. One is a reply feature, which allows you to respond to specific comments (I haven’t tested comment threading yet but hopefully it won’t explode). The other is comment paging, which will split comments to multiple pages when the discussion gets too much (ahem).

Let me know if you see any bugs as I’ve had to update the template myself.

4 thoughts on “Blog software upgrade

  1. Khosrow

    Have you tried “disqus” for the comments? I had heard of it a while back and gave it a try recently. It’s good at creating a sense of community across different sites. Although, it’s bit of an overkill for small/personal sites)

    ps. the minimalist theme threw me of the first couple of times I saw it as well! :\


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