YULblog relaunches tonight


Local bloggers (and their groupies) might recognize YULblog … yulblog … Yulblog … however you capitalize it … as a monthly meeting of local bloggers (and their groupies) for drinks, discussions and oggling iPhones.

But once upon a time it was also a website that republished Montreal-centric blog posts from its members. That part fell by the wayside because the people behind it (essentially Patrick Tanguay) didn’t have enough time to maintain it (see Patrick’s comment below).

Now, organization of Yulblog‘s monthly meetings is being handed over to the new, less busy hands of Michael Boyle, and the website is being relaunched tonight to coincide with this month’s Yulblog meeting (8 p.m. at La Quincaillerie, 980 Rachel St. E., near Parc Lafontaine). It’s worth braving early January weather to go see.

I hope.

5 thoughts on “YULblog relaunches tonight

  1. James

    Since it’s a couple of years since I either blogged from Montréal or enjoyed a drink at the Quincaillerie, could some explain whether YUL has now become widely accepted tag for the city of Montréal, or just the airport? Because I like planes, but I doubt I would subscribe for that much daily content…

  2. Patrick

    Couple of mistakes in your post :

    1. The “republished Montreal-centric blog posts from its members” was automated so it didn’t fall by the wayside because I didn’t have enough time, it fell by the wayside because people weren’t posting to it. I ran out of time for updating the list of blogs though and sucked at that part for the last few months.

    2. I still handle the site and built the new version. Michael is taking over organizing and reminder sending of the events.



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