Worst government website ever

Remember the 90s in website design? The random colours, the clip art, the Geocities horizontal line images, the bad anti-aliasing?

For all that and more, I give you the Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat! That’s the organization that supposedly organizes conferences and such between the provinces and federal government.

Its website, however, looks like it’s for organizing a church bake sale.

13 thoughts on “Worst government website ever

  1. Chris

    From the copyright link:

    “The information residing on the CICS World-Wide Web site is protected by the Copyright Act and is provided on this network for information and educational purposes only. The material herein may be used without permission provided that it is accurately reproduced and an acknowledgement of the source of the work and originating institution is included. Reproduction for commercial purposes is not authorized.”

    Who still calls the internet the “World-Wide Web” or a website a “World-Wide Web site”??

  2. Christian

    “prière de dactylographier votre adresse électronique”

    The French page suggests using a typewriter to enter our email address. I gotta try that.

  3. Tim

    I smell FrontPage… *sniff* 97?

    @Chris: strictly speaking, the (World Wide) Web is not the same as the Internet. A Web site is on the Web, which is on the Internet. There’s all sorts of other stuff going through the Internet as well (e-mails, files, instant messages, etc.)

    But to say a “World-Wide Web site”… yeah, that shows how out of touch (or at least dated) you are.

  4. Jean Naimard

    Actually, stricto sensu, «dactylographier» means “write [something] with your fingers”, so typing your e-mail with a [computer] keyboard would fit the bill.


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