Young Girl Talking About Herself

Guillaume sent me this video, from the maker of Hampster On a Piano (Eating Popcorn)

To most of us, YouTube is a giant library of random videos, some of which were even posted by the copyright owners.

But to many others, YouTube is a community of video bloggers, and people who talk to each other by staring into a low-quality webcam and posting their unedited thoughts to their channel in an effort to get friends and seem cool … or something.

Personally, I’ve always wondered: Who, other than pedophiles, wants to watch a 16-year-old girl spend five minutes saying nothing of consequence about herself?

Heck, even pedophiles have to be pretty bored to watch some of this stuff.

3 thoughts on “Young Girl Talking About Herself

  1. DAVE ID

    Your misandry is showing. Really PEDOPHILES? Is there an equivalent of Godwin’s Law for calling pedophile on the internet? I’ll take a really quick guess at who watches these trite videos of girls. Other girls or boys their age looking to score. Your media-ape behavior to perpetuate the myth that there are evil pedophiles EVERYWHERE on the net is weak.

    Come on Dude.

  2. Guillaume Theoret

    If you want an absolutely excellent and quite fascinating explanation of the “youtube community” phenomenon of people staring into their webcams and talking into the void you should watch this:

    It’s a talk by Dr. Michael Wesch on “An anthropological introduction to YouTube” which is essentially his explanation of the forces at work on youtube. It ranges from the memes that spread out into the mainstream (such as the “numa numa” guy or “star wars kid”) to the community that takes to each other to the community that fights each other for a sort of celebrity status by trying to get on the featured videos list.


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