Journal Daily Digest: Landry changes his mind

Ex-Premier Bernard Landry, who had decided to stay on as a columnist at the Journal de Montréal (and was even going to defend that decision today), has done a 180, deciding to stop his column.

His reason is about as stupid as you can imagine: He objects to the fact that the production of this scab paper is being done out of Toronto. That, it seems, goes against the whole Quebec-can-do-things-on-its-own idea, apparently moreso than the paper being filled with material produced by non-unionized journalists and translated copy from Sun Media … in Toronto.

Methinks he might have been looking for an excuse to weasel his way out of a decision that he has recently realized goes against just about everything the PQ stands for, especially after all the prodding in the media.

He did interviews today anyway, to explain his decision to go back on his decision.

Steve Proulx is running a pool to see who the next columnist to leave will be. I’ll put my non-money on Louise Deschâtelets.


Proving that they have no problem with this whole Internet/video thing, journalists at Rue Frontenac produced their first journalistic video, a profile of boxer Antonin Decarie.

The video is a bit too reliant on still pictures, but it’s a good start. You’ll note the credits at the end: a photographer, a videographer and an editor are three separate people.

Decarie even advertised for Rue Frontenac on his shorts during his fight.

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