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More than a year before the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics begin, CTV has launched CTVOlympics.ca and RDSolympiques.ca, where it will have coverage of the games in English and French. (This pretty much seals that RDS, not TQS, will be the primary French-language network.)

This is the first time in over a decade that CTV will be the Canadian Olympic broadcaster, and so much has changed since the early 90s (this thing called the Internet, for example).

For its first Olympic website, it does look pretty impressive. That said, I couldn’t get the video player to work (it’s Microsoft Silverlight-based, though I have that installed), and this is what happened when I tried to play with the past medal count widget:

How dare you try to compare more than four countries!

How dare you try to compare more than four countries? Behold our grammatically-incorrect error message!

Fortunately they have a year to sort that kind of stuff out.

5 thoughts on “CTV Olympics site goes live

  1. Marc

    It’s FAR too early for this stuff. Especially the human interest stories on the news each Monday night. Gosh, wait at least until late summer.

  2. Kelsey

    I agree, it is too early and if they were going to release the webste this soon they should have made it perfect. That said, it is nice to know there is plenty of time for them to work out all the kinks before the Olympics. For more discussion on this topic, visit my blog: http://www.smudailymustang.com/?p=6459.

  3. CTVO

    On behalf of CTVOlympics.ca, we appreciate the comments and thanks for visiting the site. Our apologies for the poor grammar on the error message (our development partner is based in Turin, Italy, though that’s more of an interesting tidbit than an excuse), but hopefully you did enjoy the medal comparison functionality (we think it’s kinda cool). As you write, it’s fortunate we have a year to sort out those kinds of errors and the Silverlight glitch you experienced; we certainly won’t take that long to fix ’em.

    1. Alon

      Hopefully I can simplify it for you. Head to CTVOlympics.ca/guide and two buttons to the right of the date, you’ll see a drop down menu that will allow you to select your time zone. Click on the button and select CST. That will change the time on your Viewers’ Gudie and your guide will show you what’s on in Saskatchewan throughout the next 17 days. Enjoy the Games.


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