How soon the Internet forgets

I’m going through my feeds in Google Reader, cleaning up some dead wood from my over 500 subscriptions so I can compile a list of links for a blogroll. I went a bit nuts in 2007, subscribing to any blog I could find that was created by a Montrealer. So many of them haven’t been updated since then because their authors became disinterested, started up new blogs elsewhere or because the subject material became dated.

High up my list of “inactive” blogs was one that sounded familiar: “Une vie en musique”. That was the blog of RenĂ© Lapalme, who wrote about music until his cancer forced him to write about that. I wrote about his blog, having never met him, shortly after he died (other bloggers had obits too). A few months later, it was wiped off the Internet. Now only a trip through the Wayback Machine can uncover some of what he said, because is advertising cheap domains from Go Daddy.

Yes, Google Reader, I’m sure I’d like to unsubscribe.

2 thoughts on “How soon the Internet forgets

  1. Marlee

    Compiling a list of links for your blogroll, huh?
    I’d love to make that list!
    I just added you to mine, as I was looking for someone who blogs about copy editing to link to in my latest post about headlines. Not enough people out there understand what copy editors do. You guys deserve more appreciation!


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