Gazette launches transit webpage

The Gazette, Feb. 17, Page A1

The Gazette, Feb. 17, Page A1

My beloved paper today made a pretty big deal of their new Daily Commuter “one-stop guide” website. Really, it’s just a page with links to transit stories that have appeared in the paper (including Max Harrold’s Squeaky Wheels weekly column), Transport Quebec traffic cameras, and public transit agencies.

Of course, with the stories we’ve been seeing lately from the local news media (ahem), calling it the “Daily Complainer” might be more accurate.

What’s more interesting is that this isn’t the last topic page you’ll be seeing on news websites. Not only does this make it easier to find articles of a certain type, it makes it look like there’s an entirely new section even if it’s just a grouping of articles that have already been written (some even going back a few years).

1 thoughts on “Gazette launches transit webpage

  1. JL

    -No RSS
    -No links to other news sites
    -Lame links sold as original information. They say you’ll find an “interactive metro map” when all you find is a LINK to the STM’S interactive metro map.


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