Politicien noir de la télé

TQS announced today (though La Presse had the scoop this morning) that Mario Dumont will be joining the network as a show host starting in September. You’ll recall TQS already has a daily newsish show hosted by a politician in André Arthur (who’s been a bit lacking in his Parliamentary attendance duties lately because of it).

Perhaps more interesting, Dumont is also being brought on as a consultant to the Rémillards, to advise them on the regenesis of their television network.

What do you think Dumont is going to recommend as far as TQS’s regional stations go?

UPDATE: Pat Lagacé has some tips for someone trying out TV for the first time. Richard Therrien meanwhile points out that the ADQ opposed Remstar’s gutting of TQS’s news division, and now Dumont is profiting off of it.

3 thoughts on “Politicien noir de la télé

  1. Jean Naimard

    When I thought that the Cannal 10 was scraping the rock-bottom when it hired Jean “turncoat” Lapierre to do political commentary, TQS proves me wrong…


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