Beaconsfield applies NIMBY to parking

Here’s a really short-sighted idea: Beaconsfield town council has approved a measure that would reserve 30 parking spaces near the Beaurepaire commuter train station only to permit-holding Beaconsfield residents.

While 30 spots at a station in Montreal’s equivalent to the middle of nowhere won’t make much of a difference in the long run, the worry is that this will become a trend. Other municipalities might enact similar measures, making it more difficult to park near train stations. Imagine if Pierrefonds restricted parking near the Roxboro and Sunnybrooke stations to only its residents, or if Montreal did the same for the Du Ruisseau station on the Deux-Montagnes line.

Such NIMBYism (while not foreign to Beaconsfield) is counter-productive to traffic problems and only serves to build walls between neighbouring towns.

4 thoughts on “Beaconsfield applies NIMBY to parking

  1. Mr. Robertson

    In my opinion the West Island should all be one city (not Montreal, but rather a second). It’s all so similar to me.

  2. Vahan

    Maybe the residents of Beaconsfield shouldn’t be using our downtown Montreal sidewalks to walk to their workplace and they should hold onto their trash, take it home with them and have their municipality pick it up in front of their homes. After all we know how filthy Montreal Ville-Marie is with the trash cans piling up with non-resident “imported” garbage.

  3. SMS

    The real question is… does the lot belong to Beaconsfield or to the AMT? If it is the latter, get ready to hear from Joel Gauthier et al.!


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