Traffic up at Habs Inside/Out

Habs Inside/Out traffic

Habs Inside/Out, my newspaper’s most successful online venture so far, is seeing 100% traffic increases over last year, according to a recent post from Mike Boone. Those kinds of numbers put all of their other blogs (and mine) to shame, but they are well-deserved because of the efforts put into it by Boone, Dave Stubbs, Kevin Mio and Pat Hickey, who all contribute to bringing breaking news to the site in addition to their day jobs for the newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Traffic up at Habs Inside/Out

  1. Beeg

    Do you know if they are controlling for unique views there (or whatever the parlance du jour is in netspeak)? In other words, how much of this growth is caused by Boone’s liveblogs, whereby visitors reload constantly during games.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      The numbers come from Google Analytics, so it’s whatever criteria they use. Either way, the liveblogs have existed since the beginning, so the 100% increase in traffic is real, whether it’s based on new visitors or repeat ones.


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