Patrick Charles says Q92 sucks

Patrick Charles (Q92 photo)

Patrick Charles (Q92 photo)

Well, not in so many words, but it’s hard to interpret otherwise from his first blog post at his new home of CJFM 95.9, where the morning show is now Cat, Lisa and Sir Patrick.

There, he says “the callers, everything is cooler” at CJFM compared to his old station of Q92. He also says the morning hosts are better.

7 thoughts on “Patrick Charles says Q92 sucks

  1. Marc

    Well, it’s not like they’re going to pay him to promote CFQR. It was a decent station before Patrick arrived, and it will do just fine after. I think it’s CJFM that has really gone downhill, especially now being associated with Sir Branson’s worthless brand.

  2. stephan

    He sound so stuck up with his little title of SIR. Juste the sound of it has turn me off the morning show. Since the rebranding and the lay off of Murray I have gone from working and listening to the MIX96 from 9-10 hours a day to about 3 hour. The only good shows left are the Nat show, Heather B, and the Drive show. We had a good host at night but they replaced him with Ryan Seacrap! And now with Kelly on the early hours it’s unfortunate but she’s not around when I have the radio on.

  3. stephan

    For those of you who would like to tell Bob Harris VP Programming Astral Media what you think about his changes 514 989 2577 is his direct phone number to his office.

  4. shaddy


    you say Ryan Seacrap? Cite Rock Detante as well as the rest of the french radio stations are FULL OF CRAP.

  5. chad

    From what Sir Patrick said q92 sounds a bit stuffy. Mix 96 now Virgin 96 has always been the instution of Montreal Top 40 with Hits 94.7 being the second. Oh and btw Stephan tone your bombastic muckrake.


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