CBC to become a lot less fashionable

Steven and Chris in all their Photoshopped glory (CBC photo)

Steven and Chris in all their Photoshopped glory (CBC photo)

After the federal government said there would be no “bridge financing” to help the CBC in a time of advertising drought and general media sadness, the mother corp has already begun its cost-cutting initiatives, cancelling Steven and Chris and Fashion File at the end of this season. 65 jobs are affected, most of them freelance.

Perhaps more sad is that they won’t be replaced. Instead, CBC will run repeats of the shows in their regular time slots next year.

UPDATE: Bill Brioux looks at the numbers, and says it was ratings more than the economy that brought Steven and Chris down.

7 thoughts on “CBC to become a lot less fashionable

  1. Bette

    This is an excellent show and I will really miss it! Steven and Chris are great. Why can’t CBC get rid of some other shows like Rick Mercer’s? They fly him around all over the place just for him to do some silly antics.

  2. ET

    Fashion File? Really? Are they freaking nuts? Aside from the news, it is literally the only CBC show I have ever opted to watch in place of a show on another channel. Ever.

  3. Andrew O'Ball

    CBC does this time and time again … they get a good show with a following and then they cut it … why not have a poll and have the viewers vote on which shows should stay and which ones should go … a novel idea … but isn’t the whole purpose behind tv is that it’s for the people … duh! Andrew in Guelph, Ontario …

  4. Nicole Young

    I am really sad to hear that the show is on Hiatus…. do the CBC people not realize that their (Steven & Chris) shows are great. I am not at all surprised that Fashion File has been cancelled, though, as I haven’t seen a new show in over 2 years.

  5. Jacquie

    Typical CBC…. I love Steven and Chris… they are so entertaining and have great topics and guests. CBC is a total joke … no wonder they’re always in trouble financially.


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