It’s CSU season again

The Concordia campaign season has started again, with slates of candidates for executive office at the Concordia Student Union sounding more like cable TV channels than political parties:

  • Change
  • Fresh
  • Attention
  • Vision
  • New Union

I guess “Freedom” and “Awesome” and “Puppies” dropped out.

In case it’s not clear yet just how small the stakes are, the Concordian has a story about a former CSU executive being caught on camera ripping campaign posters from the walls.

4 thoughts on “It’s CSU season again

  1. Chris

    Ironically, “Change” is more or less the latest incarnation of Evolution (which has been called “Unity” in the last two elections). Vision has a couple past Unity members but they are all people who had left the slate during their term.

  2. David Pinto

    In view of numerous news items about the CSU, I would think that there should be a party entitled “Fiscal Responsibility.”

  3. Michael J

    Do you happen to know if they ever got around to building the heated bus shelter/media centre at Loyola that all the slates were promising 3 years back?


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