Making fun of soldiers is not a good idea

A Fox News host apologized today for mocking Canada and its military on his very-late-night program which apparently treats the news as something to be laughed at and ridiculed.

This story has been updated a few times during the day. At first it was just talking about the online reaction to the video which is circulating on the webosphere. Then suddenly Peter MacKay decided that Americans making jokes about Canada needed his immediate attention, and demanded an apology, catapulting this non-story into a national issue.

This whole story dovetailed nicely with footage of soldiers carrying coffins of Canadians killed in Afghanistan, which fuelled the fire of Canadian outrage.

I cringe at how much ink will be spilled (unavoidably now, thanks to MacKay) because some idiot Americans on a 3 a.m. news satire show went too far with a bad joke.

6 thoughts on “Making fun of soldiers is not a good idea

  1. DAVE ID

    It’s mostly because in America every soldier, no matter what, is an instant hero. You can’t criticize the war without the conservatives throwing your lack of respect for the soldiers’ sacrifice in your face. But when it comes to Canadians… who gives a shit right? I think this goes to show the rank hypocrisy of Conservative the news network. It’s not without irony that a conservative is yanking them for an apology.

  2. protogenes

    “ink will be spilled”

    I spilled ink on this story before it hit big, as I think people like this need to be exposed and ridiculed for what they are.

    No joke.

  3. Vahan

    All Canadian soldiers should be considered our heroes also, no matter what. They are the grunts that take on the work of idiot politicians. The soldiers are used in pissing contests, which is really f@&#ing idiotic. We, as Canadian citizens have to fully, not blindly, but fully support all our individual soldiers. Now it is up to all of us, in this “democratic” society to get them all back home. Enough of our kids are being killed for other people’s egos. The problem is that the majority of our politicians know nothing about diplomacy and feel they are men only by using force. All they are constantly doing is pulling out the measuring sticks to measure their dicks, only to blame the manufacturer of the ruler.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Holy crap! It’s former CNN anchor Bobbie Batista! And I spotted reporter Brian Todd in the scanning machine. What is this world coming to when CNN personalities are working for the Onion?


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