Trente explores Cyberpresse

Trente, Quebec’s journalism magazine and a website I should go to more often (I would if they had an RSS feed), has some interesting articles this month, including an inside look at Cyberpresse. It follows Hugo Meunier, a journalist who is specializing in breaking news, and talks a bit about the agreement reached last year to give Cyberpresse workers the same salaries as La Presse colleagues.

It also includes an interview with RBOer André Ducharme, who says he wants journalists to go beyond the press release and look at stories from unusual angles, and a pessimistic look at the Journal de Montréal lockout.

If you missed it, the last issue had a piece on the Montrealization of media in Quebec, which it says people in the regions aren’t doing much to fight against.

1 thoughts on “Trente explores Cyberpresse

  1. ladyjaye

    Thanks for the heads up about André Ducharme’s interview! I’m a huge RBO fan, and they often have interesting things to say, whether it’s about RBO or something else. :)


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