CBC cuts hit closer to home

800. It’s really just a number, an abstract concept that we sort of understand. Most of us don’t even have 800 Facebook friends. Our high schools didn’t have 800 students. It’s hard to imagine that many people losing their jobs.

So when the CBC announced it was cutting 800 jobs on Wednesday, we knew it was bad, but we didn’t know how.

Now, details are beginning to emerge about more specific cuts to CBC programming. There are already lists of cuts nationally for English and French services, mainly from the English headquarters in Toronto and the French headquarters in Montreal.

In Quebec, as far as local programming goes, Quebec City will be hit worse than Montreal. Here’s what’s on the chopping block:

Even with these cuts, it’s apparent that it could have been a lot worse. The network level is taking the brunt of the job losses, and the CBC has promised that no regional stations will be shut down.

Employees at the Téléjournal serving eastern Quebec are breathing a sigh of relief (and perhaps disbelief) that their broadcast won’t be cancelled.

News about cuts at CBC News in Montreal won’t come until mid-April, after employees decide whether or not to take buyouts.

Even with all this, I know of only one person who’s actually been cut. No doubt there will be more in the weeks ahead.

3 thoughts on “CBC cuts hit closer to home

  1. DAVE ID

    Oh this is gonna hurt. And yet no one is reacting to Harpers cuts to everything around them. Just passively letting everything go by without a care. He’s free-marketing everything and this is whats happening. Don’t you just love the free market? Yeah keep voting for these assholes and then you’ll wonder where everything went and why our dollar bills have Benjamin Franklin on them.

  2. Homer

    Come’on… the only things private media in Quebec likes more than language politics are CUTS TO THE CBC. The uproar is irrelevant, the PRIVATE media wont’ cover it…


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