Flash mob to interfere with flash mob

A flash mob has been organized for 10am today to disrupt another flash mob taking place at the Berri-UQAM metro station.

At 10am today, an “artistic experiment” organized through a Facebook group that was taken over by a PR company that somehow is expected to fight cancer will annoy wow travellers at the Berri metro by having random people sing parts of a song. Though the event is choreographed, the participants will seem to emerge randomly from the crowd, amplifying the WTF-effect.

Another flash mob being organized through a secret group is going to play a prank on the first, singing out random phrases instead of the agreed-upon lyrics. Details of the supposed stunt aren’t yet available, but various methods are planned to disrupt the flash mob event (non-violently of course) by beating them at their own game.

Let’s see which side wins.

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